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You’ll never hit the wrong light switch again with this quick fix

When Carmen Stewart renovated her home, she was excited to have her family and friends over. However quickly, an annoying habit appeared: “I re-wired my house and had lovely new light switches installed, but the problem was, no one could find the right switches! This in turn created cycles of flicking light switches on and off and in no time at all it started to drive me a little crazy.”

As anyone with switch plates can attest, there’s no way of showing people which switch to use for which light or appliance. And all that electricity wasting, click-click-clicking and increased wear and tear on the switches and globes is doing no one any favours.


So after turning to the internet to buy some switch labels and surprisingly finding none available — either here or overseas, Carmen decided to take matters into her own hands. “There was plenty of information about making your own labels using a Dymo or similar, but I didn’t want to spoil all my new switch plates with ugly labels. So then came the epiphany —  I would make and sell my own labels that’d fit everywhere and look great on every light switch.”

Launching ABC Distributors, Carmen’s flagship product, Light Switch Labels, comes with 116 locations and 240 labels. Self-adhesive, designed to go above or below the switch, each label has non-intrusive text for easy reading and transparent backing that lends itself to any decor. Designed for longevity in mind, each light switch label can be repeatedly cleaned with a damp cloth without lifting or peeling. Quickly applied in seconds the labels can just as simply be removed. Light Switch Labels can also be custom-made for hotels, resorts, hospitals, age care facilities and office buildings.

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