How Light Switch Labels Became a Product

Hi there – my name is Carmen, I live in Sydney and I recently completed some fairly extensive home renovations which included full electrical re-wiring.

Almost immediately after the wiring was done and all my lovely new light switches were installed, a new behaviour sprung up everywhere - my family and our visitors could no longer find the right switches, which in turn created cycles of flicking light switches on and off - and in no time at all it started to drive me a little crazy!

My daughter says my reaction proves I'm "ever so slightly" OCD and that I should “chillax” - or maybe it’s simply because I like things to be organised and tidy.

If you've read this far you may already know what I‘m talking about – perhaps you have switches around your house with 2, 4, 6 or even 9 switches - and no labels to tell anyone which switch to use for which light!

Maybe it’s been driving you a little nuts as well – all that click-click-clicking wasting electricity plus the wear and tear on the switches and globes!

Of course I turned to the internet to try and buy some light switch labels, but to my surprise I wasn't able to find them anywhere – either here in Australia or overseas! There’s plenty of information on making your own labels using a Dymo or similar, but I don't want to spoil all my new light switches with ugly labels.

Then I had my own light bulb (light switch?) moment – I’d make and sell my own labels - they’d fit everywhere - they'd look great on every light switch – and here we are!

I love my new labels and I know you will as well - let me help you solve your light switch label problem,




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