Light Switch Labels

How many labels are provided in total?

We supply 240 labels on 2 sheets

How many labels for each location will I receive?

There are 3 labels for each location

Which locations are available?

Our labels cover 80 possible locations around your home.   Please click here to see an image of the locations covered. 
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Will the labels work on black or dark brown switch plates?

Probably not - because the text is black there's a limit to how dark the plate can be before it can no longer be easily read.

What are the specifications of each label?

SIZE: 8pts

Are the labels easy to remove from the paper backing?

Absolutely. Like any small sticker, you must take care and remove only the label you wish.

Are the labels easily applied?

Yes. Like any label, ensure that you apply the label straight and follow our Instruction Guide.

Do the Labels peel and lift when cleaning the switch plates?

No. If you use a soft damp cloth then the label will not lift or peel. Do not use abrasive creams or scourers.

If I remove a label, will it leave adhesive residue on the cover plate?

Yes. Like all adhesives, a slight amount of residue may remain depending on the time that the label has been on the cover plate for. For example, if you place the wrong label on the wrong switch immediately after placing the label, then the label will come off easily with no residue.

If the label has been on the cover plate for some time, then residue may remain. This is dependent on the style and material of the cover plate.

Do you provide a refund if I change my mind?

Yes. This is of course conditional upon the product being unused and returned in original condition. Please refer to our Refund Policy.

Does the packaging protect the labels from damage?

The packaging of the labels is a two stage packing process. The two sheets of labels are placed into a self adhesive clear plastic sleeve. This sleeve is then placed into a durable cardboard "CD" type envelope.
This is done to reduce the chances of damage during shipping, but more importantly to provide long lasting and easily identifiable storage to further reduce the chance of damage around the home.

How quickly will my purchase be dispatched?

Once order is placed and payment has been received, the labels will be posted the next day providing that the order and payment is completed prior to midnight.

Can I order icons and/or other worded labels specific for my own home?

Unfortunately we cannot do this. We do provide this option for businesses given that they require significant variations from standard labels and therefore require separate print runs.
















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